Essential Kitchen Supplies

Non stick or Cast Iron Pans

Many chefs and home cooks prefer to use stainless steel, or non stick pans. While these pans can be great, some prefer cast iron skillets. Each pan can be used for a variety of things from cooking eggs, making grilled cheese sandwiches or even making sautéed veggies.

A skillet is an important thing to have in your pots and pans collection. A skillet is often good for cooking fish, meats, eggs, anything really. These pans are not only great pans, but they often come with lids that will allow you to steam your foods.

Measuring Cups

Another important staple to have in your current kitchen is the measuring cups. These cups can be a set or they can be in a pitcher form. With the way that products have changed throughout the years, now these cups are even made of silicone and allow for hot liquids. It all depends on preference to which type of cup one might like.

Over all, these are only a few basic yet essential items for the entire kitchen. For even more items consider visiting a restaurant supply store for all of your kitchen needs.